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Privacy Policy

I DEAL takes seriously the private nature of your personal information and is committed to complying with applicable privacy laws, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. This Privacy Policy describes why we need your personal information, how we protect the personal information we collect and how it is disclosed. Please read this notice carefully. We have appointed a Chief Privacy Officer who is responsible for our compliance with applicable privacy laws and this privacy policy.

Personal Information
We collect personal information for use and disclosure for the purposes of:

• Establishing and maintaining communications with you;
• Understanding your needs and allowing us to continually improve by determining if our products and services, or those or our partners, meet your needs;
• Recommending, offering and providing our products and services, or those of our partners, that meet your needs or may be of interest to you;
• Collecting monies owing to I DEAL or permitting I DEAL to pursue available remedies or limit any damages it may sustain;
• Complying with all applicable laws.

In order to supply you with your I DEAL e-mail, we need your e-mail address. Similarly, in order to supply you with text messaging services, we need your phone number and your provider information. So that we may provide you with additional services, and ship purchased items to your location we may also request your name, geographical coordinates, and telephone number. You are under no obligation to provide this information. I DEAL does not collect any other personal information that you do not expressly provide. All our financial transactions occur through Stripe and WooCommerce’s trusted payment gateway using state-of-the-art encryption technology. Therefore, your financial data is completely safe and your information is not accessible to anyone.

The collection of personal information by I DEAL is limited to that which is necessary for these purposes, or other purposes that are disclosed to you before or at the time the personal information is collected. Unless required by law, we will obtain your consent before using or disclosing your personal information for a purpose not previously identified.

Your consent can be express or implied. Express consent can be verbal or written. Implied consent arises when we can reasonably conclude that you have given consent by your action or inaction. Before deciding what form of consent is appropriate, I DEAL will consider the type of personal information we need, the reason for its use or disclosure and the type of contact that is involved.

The choice to provide I DEAL with personal information is always yours. You can withdraw your consent at any time after you have given it to us, provided there are no legal requirements that prevent this. If you do not consent to a certain use or disclosure of personal information, or if you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide you with a particular product or service. If so, we will explain the consequences of refusing or withdrawing consent, and your options.

Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information
I DEAL uses and discloses various types of personal information as necessary and appropriate for the purposes outlined above. The disclosure of personal information may occur as part of I DEAL fulfilling its obligations and/or conducting its business in the ordinary course. This includes, without limitation to, disclosure:

• To third parties that provide products or services to I DEAL, including, without limitation to, data processors, consultants, suppliers, lawyers, accountants, bankers and insurers, but only to the extent necessary to allow them to provide products or services to I DEAL
• To government agencies or regulatory bodies having jurisdiction to the extent they have which can oblige us to do so;
• To all others persons authorized or required by law;
• In emergency situations in which the life, health or security of an individual is in danger;
• To credit grantors and reporting agencies;
To a person who, in the reasonable judgment of I DEAL, is seeking information as your agent; or
• Other persons, where you consent to such disclosure.

Personal information may be subject to transfer to another organization or person in the event of a merger or change of ownership of all or part of I DEAL, but this will only occur if the parties have entered into an agreement under which the collection, use and disclosure of the information is restricted to the purposes that relate to the business transaction, including a determination of whether to proceed with the business transaction.

Under no circumstances do we sell member lists or other personal information to third parties. Your personal information shall only be retained by I DEAL for as long as is necessary for the fulfillment of the identified purposes. Some personal information may be kept indefinitely.

Accuracy of Information
I DEAL endeavors to maintain personal information that is as accurate, complete and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is used and disclosed. We rely on individuals to disclose all material information and to inform us of any relevant changes. If you have any reason to believe your personal information in our control is inaccurate, please contact us in writing. We will investigate and, where appropriate, update our records accordingly.

Non-Personal Information
We may also request non-personally identifiable information, such as [annual income, buying preferences, or age], also known as demographic and profile data, though this information is optional. We may use this data to improve our site and/or tailor your experience at our site, showing you content that we think you might be interested in, and displaying content according to your preferences. We may also share this information with others, such as advertisers interested in advertising in I DEAL, in aggregate, anonymous form, which means that the information will not contain any personally identifiable information about you or any other person.

Usage Information
In addition to collecting personal and non-personal information, I DEAL may also collect non-personal, aggregated information about subscribers’ use of I DEAL. This information is not personally identifiable and will only be used to find out how subscribers use our service and site. For example, this information will tell us how much time users spend on our site, from which other sites subscribers came, and to what other sites subscribers go. The collection of this information allows us to, among other things, prepare for traffic load demands and to efficiently deliver your I DEAL.

Review and Access
Upon your request, we will provide you with a summary of the information we collect about you. You will have an opportunity to correct, update or modify this information.

Occasionally, we may send marketing or promotional e-mail communications to you with information that may be useful, including information about the products and services of I DEAL and other third parties with whom we have a relationship. We will include instructions on how to unsubscribe and inform us of preferences if you decide you do not want to receive any future marketing or promotional e-mails from I DEAL.

Like most sites, I DEAL makes use of browser “cookies.” Cookies are small text files placed on your computer’s hard disk by our server. They allow us to quickly check your status as a subscriber and facilitate access to your preferences. I DEAL will never use cookies to retrieve information from a computer that is unrelated to our site or services. We may also use this information to measure the use of our website, to improve the functionality and content of the website and to facilitate usage by a visitor.

Links to Other Sites
As part of the service, I DEAL may create links allowing you to access third party sites such as our artist’s personal sites and gallery sites. I DEAL is not responsible for the content that appears on those sites and does not endorse these sites. Please consult those sites’ individual privacy policies in order to determine how they treat user information.

Your personal information is secure with I DEAL and we use safeguards and security measures that are appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information. All personal information described above is stored on restricted database servers.

Modification to this Policy
I DEAL may change this policy at any time, but we will post any changes here and will note the changes on our blog to which you can subscribe.

Contact Us
For further information about this privacy policy, to address any concerns you have, to review or verify your personal information in our control or to find out how we have used it or to whom we have disclosed it, please contact us by email at

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