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  • Around The World

    With the magical Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and its rich, full bodied floral high notes, a pinch of a El Salvador at a lighter roast to introduce the sip to your mouth, and a pinch of dark Sumatran to help slip past the last of your tastebuds; this blend is one of our most popular. Note: the Ethiopian coffees, although grown and processed naturally, are not certified organic.

  • Dark Organic Blend

    A rich chocolatey Nicaraguan Segovia, mixed with a crisp and clear Guatemalean Huehuetenago with the smooth long finish of a slightly lighter roasted Sumatran Gayoland. Well balanced, rich and heavy body; a good choice if you add cream since the heavy body of the Sumatran is not eroded by the dairy.

  • Damn Fine Decaf

    A blend of a naturally processed Ethiopian and an Organic Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf, we have to admit… even we like our decaf!

  • Espresso Blend

    A blend of sharp African and buttery Indonesian beans at a medium roast, for a true mocha/java taste sensation. Note: This is not a dark roast.

  • Light Organic Blend

    A Peruvian La Florida at a dark city roast creates a big, clear floral acidity mellowed by a mild El Salvador whose slightly nutty body washes away a touch of a Sumatran (just a touch, mind you) to have a clean finish without the characteristic sour aftertaste of a light roast.

  • Prince of Darkness

    A devilishly dark roast; this blend of darkly roasted, high altitude South and Central Americans have a wild yet mild body added to their lively-ness by the winey Ethiopian Sidamo.

  • Princess of Darkness

    A dark and delicious blend of mild, floral Central American coffees with a very clean finish.

  • The Red Sea

    Our most challenging coffee, very winey and dried cherry aromas give this dark roast lots of character.

  • Single Origin

    Our most challenging coffee, very winey and dried cherry aromas give this dark roast lots of character.

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